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Know traditional craftsmanship

Silverware has a long history and a long history in the继续阅读“Know traditional craftsmanship”

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           What are the magical effects of boiling water in a silver pot? Can I make tea?

Silver pots feel very high and expensive, and people do n’t know much about silver pots and iron pots, and few users. But the ancients believed that the best material for making kettles was the gold and silver that “does not go into the homes of ordinary people.” Because these metals have good heat transfer, they are clean and odorless, and their thermochemical properties are stable, not easy to rust, and will not stain the water with strange smells. Of course, the ancients did not necessarily know this, but it was completely real knowledge from practice.
Lu Yu’s “Tea Sutra” said: “Shi: It is made of cast iron … Hongzhou is made of porcelain, Laizhou is made of stone. Both porcelain and stone are elegant, and their sex is not solid, and it is difficult to last. Use silver for it Extremely clean, but involved in extravagance. Ya is elegant, and Jie is also clean. If you use it permanently, you will die in Yinye. ” This passage followed the Japanese tea ceremony for thousands of years. Tea was introduced to Japan from Tang and Song dynasties. Until today, Japanese tea ceremonies have always used iron pots and high-end silver pots. This spirit of awe of inheritance is worthy of our reflection.


Boiled water in a silver pot can kill bacteria and viruses in the water, soften the water quality, and can obviously feel sweet when drinking water. Using silver pot to make tea, the tea soup will also become delicious; astringent, less rhyme and long, gentle and moist, and more fully expresses the flavor of the tea. And Yinhu is also suitable for brewing various types of tea, including Puer, Oolong, Tieguanyin, Jinjunmei, Longjing, Yiyang black tea, etc. In 1893, a medical scientist tested and found that silver has a killing effect on bacteria and other microorganisms. Silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization effects. The average antibiotic can only play an effect on 6 kinds of bacteria, but silver can destroy 650 kinds of bacteria.
Silver ions can weaken the enzymatic enzymes in the bacteria, so it can prevent side effects and strengthen the tolerance of the bacteria, and fundamentally control the reproduction of the bacteria. In addition, it can release silver ions during use, has the function of killing bacteria, and can well achieve the effect of purifying water quality. And silver is one of the most important elements of the human body. The silver ions released by the silver pot can not only act outside the human body, but also act on the body at the same time after the water enters the body. It can kill germs in the intestine, and at the same time achieve detoxification, which is equivalent to doing a spa treatment in the body, feeling calm and comfortable.
Real gold and silver are pots, which have been around since ancient times, but it was still a currency in the past, and it was not very decent for making pots, and its penetration rate is lower than today. But today, even if there are few users, everyone should understand the benefits of silver as a pot.